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Capturing Love Amidst Scottish Majesty: Eilean Donan Castle and the Hidden Gems of the Isle of Skye

The perfect wedding location

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Eilean Donan Castle stood witness to an beautiful and long awaited union as a young couple from Utah, USA, and Colombia exchanged vows against the backdrop of the stunning sea views. As their chosen photographer, I had the honor of capturing the magical blend of tradition, culture, and love, woven into the fabric of their cross-cultural wedding.


The couple’s desire for a wedding that celebrated both their American and Colombian roots led them to choose an interfaith minister to officiate the ceremony. Jo, the minister, took so much time to get to know and understand the couple and as she skillfully wove together elements from both cultures, the ceremony became a seamless fusion of traditions, creating a truly unique and inclusive experience for all.

The ancient Celtic ritual of handfasting was a central part of the ceremony, symbolizing the binding of the couple’s hands in unity and commitment. The vibrant colours intertwined around their hands represented the intertwining of their lives, and the ritual emphasises the enduring bond they were forging.

Following the handfasting, a Quiach ceremony added a touch of Scottish flair to the proceedings. The couple shared a dram of agua caliente from a beautifully crafted ceremonial cup, known as a Quiach. The act of sharing a drink symbolized the sharing of their lives, the bitter and the sweet, in a gesture that resonated with the rich Scottish heritage surrounding them. Extending the tradition the couple shared the quaich with family and guests.

Together we explored the castle and then I stole away the bride and groom for a few moments for photographs in the setting sun. The guests enjoying more time to admire the billetting room of the castle – drinks ready to toast the newly weds. The final moments of the day were being piped across the bridge by the wonderful Lea.

Day after photoshoot at Skye’s hidden gems

One of the most thrilling aspects of photographing this wedding was planning the day after photoshoot. The Isle of Skye, known for its mystical landscapes, provided the perfect canvas for our post-wedding adventure. With hidden and secret locations meticulously chosen, our journey began with a lush forest, where the couple strolled beneath a canopy of ancient trees.

Next, we discovered a secluded beach, where the sound of crashing waves and the whisper of the wind framed the couple against a backdrop of rugged cliffs and azure waters.

No Scottish adventure is complete without indulging in the local delicacies, and the Isle of Skye boasts one of the most picturesque coffee spots – a hidden gem overlooking the breathtaking landscape. Perhaps the most instagrammable coffee stop on Skye Lean To also serves the best toasties – Gary and Heather were delighted to fill up on those while I indulged in my favourite cinammon bun and an always fabulous flat white. The couple, still buzzing with the energy of their love, shared a quiet moment over cups of steaming coffee, creating intimate portraits.

Our journey continued to a ruined castle, a relic of the past standing stoically amidst the Scottish wilderness. The bride’s flowing gown juxtaposed against the weathered stones, creating an exquisite contrast that added an extra layer of drama to the photographs. The couple’s adventurous spirit shone through as they explored the nooks and crannies of the ancient structure.

This cross-cultural wedding at Eilean Donan Castle was a testament to the power of love that transcends borders and embraces diversity. From the interfaith ceremony on the terrace to the hidden gems of the Isle of Skye, every element of their celebration added layers to the narrative of their unique love story.

If this day speaks to your heart – get in touch to plan your bespoke Isle of Skye elopement wedding adventure.

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