Wild and romantic adventure and elopement photography on the Isle of Skye

Beagles and Beer, an Isle of Skye Elopement

Beagles and an Elopement

Sara and David love spending time on Skye and when Sara messaged me early this year to photograph their Fairy Pool elopement and create a photo tour she mentioned it would be a small group and their two beagles. My reply was “two beagles? Count me in!”

While nothing can outshine a bride and groom it is fair to say that Penny and Leonard received a good deal of attention on the wedding day.

Beagles on Glenbrittle beach Isle of Skye

We met, with celebrant Davina McCluskie, on a stunning September morning and hiked along the path to the Fairy Pools before choosing the most beautifully backlit spot, perched above a spectacular waterfallfor the wedding ceremony.

Elopement ceremony Fairy pools Isle of Skye early morning with beagles

Elopement ceremony Fairy pools Isle of Skye early morning with beagles

As the ceremony ended the terrifying Skye midges descended upon us in droves. Beautiful as the Fairy Pools are we decided to abandon our perch and head for Glenbrittle campsite and some coffee and cake at the fabulous coffee shop.

After regrouping from the midgie onslaught we strolled on the beach, which perfectly reflected Sara’s choice of dress.

Bride and groom reflected on wet sands Glenbrittle beach Isle of Skye


After a stop at some more beautiful and usually unexplored waterfalls and pools we headed for Sligachan where the party raided  the Cuillin Brewery for photo props ( later winning the image of the month prize from the brewery!) and enjoyed a cigar and the well wishes of island visitors.

Bride and groom and beagles Sligachan Isle of Skye

From there our elopement tour (now sustained by lunch !) travelled to the Quiraing and the Fairy Glen.

Thanks to Davina at Scottish Highland Weddings

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