Wild and romantic adventure and elopement photography on the Isle of Skye

Canadian wedding for three on stormy Skye

Stormy Skye

Krista, Stephen and Lucy must have been the  luckiest people on the Isle of Skye in September – not just because of the love that this wee family exudes but because of the epic bucketfuls of rain rain rain that lashed down on their wedding day. They were totally undeterred by the weather ( I guess that west coast Canadians are accustomed to the odd drop of rain) and scheduled the ceremony for the cosy living room of the gorgeous thatched stone cottage they rented for their time on Skye. After the ceremony we headed out into the windy wet wilds of south Skye and created a set of beautiful images, as if to confirm that rain on your wedding day really is no hindrance  – what counts is your spirit of adventure and the ability to laugh in the face of broken umbrellas and dance in the rain.

Elopement ceremony

The wedding ceremony was conducted by Neil Lynch and witnessed by me (always a special part of an elopement), the couple’s adorable girl Lucy, Neil’s dog Tanni (second star of the show!) and my lovely friend Kate, another Skye wedding industry business owner. A personal exchange of vows, handfasting (with family tartans) and sharing whisky from a quaich in front of the stove warmed us before we headed out into the weather!

The south of the Isle of Skye is lesser known than some of the superstar locations such as the Fairy Pools and the Quiraing but it has a hidden beauty of it’s own and there are so many beautiful spots for photography. High on Krista and Stephen’s list of elopement photography highlights were a waterfall and highland cows. Due to the rainfall there were waterfalls galore and we happened upon a herd of cows wending their way home along one of the tiny single track roads that sprawl across this area of Skye.

Sometimes couples are told they are crazy to travel around the world with their children for an elopement in an area known for it’s unpredicatable weather – that’s just the right kind of crazy to create a perfect elopement wedding day on the Isle of Skye.




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