Wild and romantic adventure and elopement photography on the Isle of Skye

Vow renewal photo tour of the Isle of Skye

Vow renewal Isle of Skye

Sometimes I get to know my photography clients pretty well before they arrive on Skye and succumb to a photo tour! I’ve been getting to know Kaila for the last 18 months so it was a total delight to spend the day with her and Justin leading up to their incredibly romantic vow renewal.

From our meeting outside Portree in the morning, to our first stops at the Storr Loch and the Brides Veil waterfall it was clear that this was going to be a special day. From there we headed to the newly opened Lealt falls viewing platform (poor Justin is not keen on heights and most of the day in north Skye involves spectacular sights that require  to be viewed from plummeting cliff tops and high up vantage points!)  to lunch at the Skye Pie Cafe (what a loss!) where a young girl was enchanted by Kaila’s gown and believed her to be a princess. During the day many, many tourists  stopped the couple to take their photo and admire the amazing Chotronette dress.

Off at a tangent

All of this, even to meeting the friendly sheep in the Fairy Glen,  went perfectly according to plan UNTIL on our way to Neist Point and Justin’s absolutely have to be there, nowhere else will do spot for their vow renewal. Within a mile of our objective and with the sun setting fast we found the road blocked by a ditched car. Luckily we were able to quickly reverse and I dashed the couple off to a much lesser known but just as beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

They exchanged their vows – Kaila surprised Justin with a beautiful new ring from Love from Skye – (which I had been hiding in my camera bag all day) and I left them sitting on rocks, dipping their toes in the sea and watching the sun slip away. Skye serendipity as ever played it’s part in perfecting their day when the couple arrived, on spec, at the sublime The Three Chimneys  with perfect timing to snag a recently vacated table.



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