Wild and romantic adventure and elopement photography on the Isle of Skye

Sunset Proposal at the Coral Beaches Isle of Skye

Most romantic way to propose on the Isle of Skye?

Sunset coral beach Isle of Skye

This was the sunset that Skye ordered for Wells proposal to Kelly..if only it were that easy! Wells and I chatted for weeks about the plans for his proposal to Kelly. It was going to be the perfect evening, proposing on the white sand beaches as the sun dipped below the horizon. Composer and musician Wells would sing his proposal. I would be waiting in just the right place to capture the moment. Kelly would say yes and cry. And that’s..more or less ..exactly what happened…

young man proposes to girlfriend at Coral beach Isle of Skye sunset lit sea in background

The evening weather was as perfect as we had planned. I arrived in good time, and with the help of some friendly visitors set up lights and camera in just the right spot. I watched seals playing in the bay. It was perfect. Then the midges arrived. Not just a few but a maurading army. I started to wonder which of the few visitors to this beautiful spot might be Wells and Kelly. More and more people stopped to speak with me and tell me, helpfully, that the seals were now in the next bay. Frightened that I might give the game away I thanked them and said that in my experience the seals always returned to this point – I’m sorry if you hoped to seal spot that evening and I gave you false hope! The midges were feasting now and all but the hardiest of campers had disappeared. No sign of Wells and Kelly. Unknown to me, in this area of patchy mobile reception, Wells had been frantically texting me under the table at the romantic dinner he and Kelly were sharing to let me know they were delayed but on their way!

Just as the sunset reached it’s peak beauty I heard running footsteps thundering towards the beach. “I wondered” Kelly said afterwards “what was just so special about this sunset that Wells made me RUN”.  They stopped short of my position and I realised that Wells had started to sing.. I made a desparately inelegant crawling run round behind them so I would capture the proposal agains the sunset. From that moment every thing went as planned. Wells sang, Kelly cried, I cried, she said YES.

Silhoutted couple embrace against sunset lit sea and skyCouple walk hand in hand on Coral beach Isle of Skye at sunsetCouple hug on watersedge of Coral Beach, Skye at sunset

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  • Sarah AlbrittonSeptember 17, 2017 - 4:40 am

    How marvelous!! Wells and Kelly will treasure those photos for a lifetime!ReplyCancel

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