Wild and romantic adventure and elopement photography on the Isle of Skye

Wedding proposal photography at sunset on the Isle of Skye

Proposal at Sunset, Isle of Skye

A few weeks ago, in the dying days of summer, I spent a glorious Friday evening hiding behind an ancient stone wall at Neist Point. I chatted to the mildly curious sheep who were munching their way up the steep slopes of the cliffs and broadcast live on IG stories in hushed tones, a la David Attenborough, that I was lying in wait to capture a proposal. It was, I said, not a bad way to spend a Friday evening.

Armin and Devon were on a long anticipated trip to Scotland from their home town Vancouver (one of my most favourite Canadian cities). Unbeknownest to Devon, Armin and I had been chatting on email for 6 months planning his dream of proposing to Devon at sunset at Neist Point.

The week before the proposal had seen us exchange of flurry of google maps, marked up treasure map style with crosses to mark the point where they should stand and where I would be hiding.

On the day of the proposal Armin and I texted all day updating on where we were on the island and how their day was progressing. Around 5 30 I arrived at Neist Point and scampered down the long steep steps with my camera gear to be in place well before they arrived at 6 45. It was a glorious evening with just the right amount of cloud cover to diffuse the low light. Having settled on just the right spot to frame their proposal I revelled in the evening, watching the light and colours richen as and the Outer Isles come into view in the west.

Proposal photography at Neist Point Isle of Skye

Proposal photography at Neist Point Isle of Skye

Proposal photography at Neist Point Isle of Skye

Just before the couple were due to arrive I received a final text from Armin. The couple had stopped to admire some highland cow calves and would arrive soon. I spent the next 20 minutes anxiously watching the spot where I had directed Armin to stand as various photographers and visitors strolled to the exact point and paused to look at the view. I silently willed them to move on . Just as the light became perfect I spotted Armin and Devon descending the steps. The chosen area cleared of other visitors and the stage was set.

The Proposal

It was a truly charmed moment. The couple stood and gazed at the vista for a few moments and then Armin turned to Devon. I knew he had a speech prepared and waited anxiously for him to drop to one knee. I could clearly see Devon being moved by his speech. As he moved to propose she flung her hands to her face and crumpled with emotion. This truly is a wonderful job.

YES! Clearly echoed around the bay and after a few minutes I joined the couple for congratulations and a relaxed and very smiley photoshoot as the sun set and colour filled the sky


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