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Elopement photography, Elgol, Isle of Skye

Elopement photography, Elgol, Isle of Skye

Elopement photography on the Isle of Skye often involves long hours of planning and sometime the unpicking of plans for many different reasons. Colin and Terri’s lockdown wedding plans in early 2021 met with adversity as it was planned. Ill health followed by the curve balls thrown by covid and many changes of dates and plans and agonising along the way meant that it was an extra joy to photograph this special wedding on my birthday this year! Colin and Terri have a long love affair – not just with each other – but with Elgol on the Isle of Skye. Despite the difficulties of travelling here as the world made it’s first steps towards opening up post covid and the many changes of plans and hard decision to come here alone without friends or family, there was no where else they wanted to marry.

We had got to know each other well during chats around re-scheduling and re-planning their Isle of Skye wedding and when I arrived at Colin and Terri’s accommodation in Elgol it was like greeting old friends on their wedding day. Instantly we were laughing and joking about the trials and tears that had finally got us to their elopement.

Elgol,  Isle of Skye. Elopement paradise

The view of the Cuillin range across the sea from Elgol was everything that the couple had hoped for and that  I had kept my fingers crossed for  in the days leading up to their elopement.Terri’s fantastic red wedding dress and the couple’s beaming smiles made the day absolutely shine! It wasn’t the wedding they had first planned but an intimate elopement on their beloved Isle of Skye.  We walked together along the beach till we reached the honeycomb rock – a stunning cliff that is an iconic Elgol view and creates one of the most beautiful, natural amphitheatres on Skye for an out door wedding. Sheltered yet with one of the most stunning views on the Isle of Skye.and provides wonderful shelter for a beach elopement ceremony even on the breeziest of Skye days! There, Celebrant Davina wove a beautiful elopement wedding ceremony that saw us all alternately howling with laughter and then wiping away tears.

The shore at Elgol , looking across the sea to the Cuillin ridge is a view so special to them that it had to be there.

After a ceremony at the beach (photobombing by a row past of kayakers!) we all stopped at the Wee Slice  at the pier for the most fabulous coffees and ice cream. Then a couple of hours exploring the area, lots of laughter and many more photos.


Wonderful wedding suppliers, Elgol, Isle of Skye

Celebrant: http://scottishhighlandweddings.com 

Acommodation https://www.holiday-cottage-elgol.co.uk/

Post wedding treats https://m.facebook.com/Elgol-Shop-251514301604663/ 

Wedding feature http://Plansandpresents.com


Elopement photography Isle of Skye

Wedding couple views to Cuillin Isle of Skye

Elopement photography Isle of SkyeIsle of Skye elopement wedding Elgol red wedding dress



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