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The Isle of Skye and The Lost Wedding Dress

Amanda and Paul’s wedding day was beyond exceptional . Amanda and Paul flew from the states to marry on Skye but flight delays blew them off track to Philadelphia and eventually, Scotland – while their luggage decided to strike off on it’s own – who knows where. Arriving in Skye late at night and without their wedding attire Amanda was ready to call the whole thing off “eat a frozen pizza in the air bnb and head home”. But Skye wasn’t having that – a social shout out on Skye Free Ads and beyond had offers of wedding dresses and kilts and suits flooding in. By 11 am the next day I was able to deliver beautiful wedding attire to the couple and they could begin their elopement adventure. Skye and it’s people truly defined community and kindness today.

In the week that followed, the good news story of the wonderful population of Skye rising to the challenge and helping out strangers became one of hope. Elsewhere vicious attacks in Ukraine, a terrible earthquake in Afghanistan, political and social division in the US led the news and amidst this world wide media and people all over Europe and the US were uplifted by the story of Skye’s community and the couple who lost their luggage. While Amanda, Paul and family continued on their travels around the UK (eventually being reunited with their luggage on day 7 of their trip!) we saw each other regularly on tv, radio and press interviews as we told and re-told the story of their rescued wedding.

Amanda and Paul arrived in Broadford on the Isle of Skye the night before their wedding with only their rings and flowers and that essential for all Skye weddings, their hiking boots.

Amanda, said Rosie and the islanders had saved the day.

“Our perfect wedding would not have taken place without Rosie and the wonderful people of Skye,” she said. “Serendipitously, the wedding dress was given to me by the Broadford Primary School dinner woman Teresa-Ann, and at home in Florida I am a school dinner lady.

“It meant more to me to put it on and know that it belonged to a woman who loves and feeds her pupils as I do.”

“Everyone who Rosie introduced to us and offered us support will have a place in our hearts,” said Amanda.

“The people of Skye will be famous in Orlando because we will tell everyone who listens to us that they are to blame for the strengthening of our love for a wedding that was perfectly imperfect.”

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